Cash Management for CEOs

Course level:Beginner
Course Duration: 1h 27m

What I will learn?

  • Know where to find the information you need to make better decisions.
  • Know where to find hidden cash in business during a time of crisis.​
  • Find the right place to cut costs and avoid waste.​
  • Build a cash forecasting model and learn the basic principles.​
  • Learn how to read 3 big financial reports and know how to make strategic moves.​
  • See successful examples that make informed decisions based on data.​

Course Curriculum


  • 1.1 Who is it for / What this lesson is about

Overview of this lesson

Overview of 3 financial statements

Learn how to find your cash position

Profit & Loss Statement | Understand your Revenue & Cost of Goods Sold

One common mistake that entrepreneurs make

How to manage your direct labor cost

4 Major categories of expenses sit on your Profit & Loss Statement

Intermediate level of Cash management: Balance Sheet

How to use Cash Forecasting Model to see where you will land

Recap of this lesson


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About Course

This is an entry-level and consumable lesson with 10 videos to teach you the fundamental knowledge of setting key metrics. There’s a saying, “what gets measured, gets done.” We’ve put our 10+ years of experience into this lesson to tells you the formula you can duplicate success whether in your life or business. Now, the ball is in your court. Take a leap and make some changes this time. 

Target Audience

  • CEOs that don't have a financial background
  • CEOs who want to run a data-driven company
  • CEOs who need insights to make strategic moves

Material Includes

  • 25 Lesson Videos
  • 3+ Real-life examples


  • ​Open-minded and willing to make changes